Moms-In-Training: Get Fit. Meet Moms. Fight Cancer.

Working out, meeting other amazing moms, all the while supporting a good cause? Sign us up!

We at Nine Naturals know that Moms have about a million things thing to keep track off and something to do at any given moment. That is why we were beyond excited to learn about Moms-In-Training, an off-shoot of The Leukemia & Lymphoma Society’s Team in Training program which uses long distance running events to help raise money.

Moms In Training is a 10-week workout program for moms and expecting moms to train together for a 10K walk/run at the end of the program. Funds raised by each mom goes towards finding a cure for cancer and supporting the Leukemia Lymphoma Society. Moms In Training also includes additional social events throughout the season, including nutritional, strength training, and wellness clinics (babies and families are more than welcome!). This week, Nine Naturals sat down with with Kristen Knier Hill, one of the founders of Moms In Training, to hear about her personal experience with the organization:

Before I had my son, working out, hanging out with friends, and volunteering were very important to me. After I had my son, they were still important but how was I going to juggle staying in shape, connecting with friends, and helping others while taking care of a newborn? Impossible.

Helena Scott, a friend I had made at a mom/baby support group, and I realized we were in the same predicament: how were we going to make this ‘do it all’ desire work? We wanted to lose our baby weight, we wanted to meet more ‘like-minded mom’ friends, and fight cancer (a cause that was deeply close to both of us). In the Spring of 2012, we started “Moms in Training” in Madison Square Park to support the Leukemia Lymphoma Society. Thirty moms joined us on Saturday mornings to work out and train for a Central Park 10k race. We held social events around training with our families and with the support of our networks we raised $50,000 for blood cancer research.

Multi-tasking might be one way to call it but we realized it was much deeper. We were uniting moms to fight cancer, we were building long lasting friendships and we were giving moms the confidence to believe they really could lose that baby weight. We were on to something.

Two years later, Moms In Training is in 9 locations around New York City and over 35 cities around the country. In NYC alone, over 350 moms have raised over $500,000 to find a cure for cancer to date. We have just kicked off our Spring season with over 200 moms. (My son is named after his grandfather who passed away from a blood cancer over 20 years ago. I am confident that thanks to our efforts we’ll find a cure before my son understands what cancer is).

We invite you to join us … It’s fun, social, inspiring – and will make you break a sweat! Ps. Nine Naturals Deodorant is great pre-workout! Post work out, the body wash is so refreshing!

To learn more about Moms in Training: Visit their website and check out the video below:

Moms In Training from LLS NYC Chapter on Vimeo.


 Kristen Kneier Hill grew up in Los Angeles and has lived in New York the last 12 years. She is the mother of a 2.5 year old boy and and is looking forward to welcoming her second child in June. She works full-time in finance and enjoys volunteering for Moms in Training & the Leukemia Lymphoma Society.