Miracles do happen! Mother’s touch brings baby son back to life

Who said that miracles don’t happen in this time and age?

After giving birth to twins at only 27 weeks along, Kate Ogg was told by doctors that one of the twins, her son Jamie, didn’t make it due to birth complications. Nurses handed over Jamie’s limp body to his mother where he rested against his mother’s bare chest. This skin-to-skin contact between newborn infants and mothers is commonly known in Australia as “kangaroo care”. In an interview with TODAY’s Ann Curry, Kate told Curry, ““I wanted to meet him and to hold him and for him to know us. If he was on his way out of the world, we wanted for him to know who his parents were and to know that we loved him before he died.”

However, in a spectacular unfolding of events, baby Jamie began to make faint trances of movement five minutes after being handed over to his parents. At the time, doctors were not convinced, believing that the movements were purely reflex. Yet, nearly two hours after being pronounced dead, baby Jamie opened his eyes to greet his parents, finally enough to convince his parents and doctors alike that he was actually alive. Called a miracle baby by his doctors, Jamie is now a healthy, happy baby. But you don’t have to take our word for it, check out the clip above for yourself!