Maternity Guide to Special Occasions

It’s summertime and we’re smack in the middle of prime wedding and party season. You might find yourself with a couple of special occasion invites around the corner, but with a growing a belly, nothing in your closet to wear.

Finding the perfect gown is a challenge no matter what, but even more so if you’re expecting. We see what’s on the market! We looked around at pregnancy fashion, and the typical “pregnant dress” doesn’t quite cut it.

Finding the right dress with a bun in the oven shouldn’t be a chore.  With our tips below dress shopping should be a breeze.

  • Dress for comfort. If you’re dressing up for a special occasion, you’re also surely looking forward to enjoying your time. But it’s hard to have a good time if you’re uncomfortable in your dress all night.  Avoid this by planning ahead! You know your belly’s going to grow, so look for dresses that you’ll be able to wear as you move further along in pregnancy.
  • Flaunt it, don’t hide it. Too often pregnant women try to hide their burgeoning bumps in a baggy outfit. This is a great idea for women who want to look like tents. It’s a bad idea for women who want to show off their new and temporary curves!. Your pregnancy is something to be celebrated! To flaunt your belly and stay comfortable, look for dresses that are supportive and snug in the bodice (snug, not tight!) and a loose skirt that’s free around the hips and stomach, like the Serena dress by Madderson London.
  • Keep in mind the length. This applies to your dress as well as your shoes. During the later stages of pregnancy, the body releases a chemical that relaxes and loosens the joints to prepare for labor. In turn, the risk of rolling an ankle runs higher than when you’re not pregnant. So now is not the time to break out the sky-high heels!. Make sure the dress you’ll be wearing has an appropriate hemline—not short enough to show your feet, not long enough to pool around your feet and cause you to trip! If you still want a bit of height, try for wedges, which offer more support for the foot than the traditional heel. Check out Kate Spade’s Kiki Wedge and our blogpost on pregnancy footwear.
  • And materials. It’s the middle of summer. If you’re headed to an outdoor event, it’s going to be hot. Stay away from synthetic non-breathable fabrics. Head to the dress aisle and turn your attention to lighter materials. You can pull off both casual and formal with lighter, cotton materials (Jennifer Lawrence proved it at the 2013 Oscars in her minimalistic long red tank dress ensemble). Expecting women who want the same simplicity can pull it off with Madderson London’s Saturday Dress.
  • Look for versatile pieces. Find dresses you can wear more than a couple times. A dress that you can dress up for special occasions and also dress down for everyday wear. Japanese Weekend’s Colorblock Maternity Dress is a soft, jersey-knit dress that is pretty, practical and fuss-free. Wear it out on the weekends, or dress it up with some statement jewelry for a nice formal look.
  • Consider renting versus buying. There are a few online companies that will allow you to rent dresses and save you the hassle of purchasing a dress you may never wear again.  Try a dress from our friends at Borrow For Your Bump.  Rent The Runway, Mine For Nine and Rent Maternity Wear are a few other options.