Labor Day Mocktails

Labor Day is the perfect day to kick back and enjoy life a little. Just because you are pregnant and can’t have a drink, it doesn’t mean you have to miss out on all the fun. We’ve rounded up 3 nine naturals inspired refreshing drinks — alcoholic and non-alcoholic alike — to help you create your own oasis amid the high temperatures this Labor Day! Each of these delicious drinks serve one person.

Citrus + Mint Twist

– 4 Slices of Lemon
– 2 Slices of Orange
– A Handful of Mint Leaves
– 0.5 oz Brown Sugar Syrup (to make the syrup mix 17oz of water and 25oz of light brown sugar)
– 1.75oz Apple Juice

Add all ingredients into jam jar with some crushed ice, seal the jam jar and shake thoroughly. Top with more crushed ice. To make this drink alcoholic simply add 1.75oz of White Rum.

Mandarin + Ginger Spritzer

– 1 oz Fresh Squeezed Lime Juice
– Fresh Squeeze Mandarin Juice
– 1oz White Sugar Syrup (see above but with white sugar)
– Ginger Ale (to taste)

Shake all ingredients and pour over ice in the wine glass. To make this alcoholic add some 1oz of Gin or 1oz of Aperol.

Vanilla + Geranium Shake

– 1oz Geranium Tea Syrup (infuse 100g dried geranium tea in 10oz water for 12 minutes, blend with 15oz white sugar)
– 3oz Vanilla Milk

Shake hard and pour into glass. To make this alcoholic add 1.5oz  of Vodka or 1.5oz  of Hendricks Gin. 


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