Is Your Soap Drying Your Skin?

The air is chillier, the wind is whipping—winter is in full swing, and for most of us, especially if pregnant, that means that dry, parched skin. We all know to use body creams and lotions to hydrate skin, but what about the step that comes before? So, hang on before you reach for that bar of soap in the shower because it could be exacerbating your dry skin.

Soap works because its chemical composition is designed to break down oil and dirt. The oil and dirt then float off your skin and into the water. Unfortunately, soap can’t distinguish between the oils you want (the natural skin oils we all need) and the oils you don’t want (those from dirt, chemicals, and so on). As a result, the good oil is removed with the bad, leaving your body without its natural body oils to moisturize skin. Body wash is a great alternative to soap because its composition cleans skin without striping the body’s natural oils.

When choosing a body wash, it’s important to choose an all-natural brand formulated with ingredients that help keep skin healthy. Look for products containing aloe, a commonly known moisturizer packed with nutrients and power to improved damaged skin. Allantoin, is another important ingredient – derived from the roots of comfrey and black salsify, it softens skin while boosting moisture retention. Coconut products are getting a lot of attention these days, and for good reason. Coconut-based ingredients are natural moisturizers that protect skin and help it maintain a healthy, comfortable balance. This not only helps skin stay supple, it helps fight stretch marks during pregnancy. Nine Naturals Citrus + Geranium Soothing Body Wash contains all these powerhouse ingredients and is formulated with the scents of lemon, lime and geranium to energize your body.


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