How (And Where) To Use Belly Butter

There’s never a better time to marvel at what a woman’s body can do than during pregnancy. The core of the body makes the most impressive adjustments but as all moms know, the skin experiences great changes too. As the body grows faster than the skin, the elastic fibers under the skin are stretched to the point of breaking and result in stretch marks. Stretch marks are usually purple or reddish in color, and eventually fade to white or grey.

Treating stretch marks is difficult, so prevention is the best way to keep them at bay! A safe and effective moisturizer is the best weapon to fight stretch marks as hydrated skin has more elasticity, and is therefore less likely to stretch to the point of breaking. When choosing a moisturizer, especially during pregnancy, it’s important to pay attention to the list of ingredients, both active and inactive. The skin is the body’s largest organ, and it absorbs chemicals and compounds readily. This is what allows moisturizers to work, but it also means that toxic products will find their way into the body as easily as all-natural products. In order to provide the cleanest, healthiest environment for a growing baby, moms-to-be should take great care to select products that are all-natural and toxin free.

The Vanilla + Geranium Regenerative Belly Butter is full of the best ingredients nature has to offer, without any damaging chemicals or toxins. Featuring cupuaçu butter to help regulate skin health, Vitamin E, which acts as a powerful antioxidant and skin conditioner, and Allantoin, which softens skin and helps with moisture retention, this belly butter nourishes skin, keeping it soft and supple.

Using perfectly formulated (and pregnancy safe!) belly butter is the first step, but using it correctly is just as important:

  • When To Start Using Belly Butter: The earlier the better! Ideally, it is best to start taking extra care of your skin when you are trying to get pregnant or early in the first trimester. It may not be visible to the eye, but your skin is expanding as the baby develops in the early months so it is crucial to hydrate the skin. Continue using your Regenerative Belly Butter throughout your pregnancy and the first few months after giving birth as your body is still adjusting.
  • Where To Use Your Belly Butter: Most women know to moisturize their tummies, but often forget about the rest of their body. It’s especially important to moisturize all the areas that are prone to stretching during pregnancy including:
    • Belly
    • Hips
    • Thighs
    • Breasts
    • Upper Arms
  • How To Use Your Belly Butter: Much like a woman moisturizes her face each morning and evening, you should use your Regenerative Belly Butter should be used twice a day to maximize hydration.


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