healthy mama Founder Rachel Katz-Galatt on Baby #2 and Pregnancy-Safe Remedies

healthy mama® is the first brand to offer pregnant and nursing mamas a complete line of safe* and effective wellness solutions for those times when mamas feel a little less than “glowing.” The entire healthy mama® line has been created in partnership with major health organizations, OB/GYNs and nutritionists to ensure it contains the highest quality, safest* and most effective solutions for all of mama’s common pregnancy and nursing needs.

How was Healthy Mama conceived and how has it been received by mamas-to-be?

I founded healthy mama® out of my own real life experience of being confused and frustrated when trying to find a safe remedy to help alleviate my dreaded constipation during my first pregnancy. Feeling particularly uncomfortable one night, my husband David and I paid a visit to my local pharmacy in search of an over the counter remedy, but with the aisles full of pills and potions, I wasn’t sure what was safe to take and neither was the pharmacist. Needing to ‘get things moving’, I unknowingly selected a remedy that I later learned was deemed unsafe for use during pregnancy and was in fact, cited to cause uterine contractions. Sometime shortly thereafter, I delivered my oldest daughter, Mia, at just 24 weeks!  I spent the next five months watching Mia fight for her life in the NICU. It was there that I made a commitment to help other women avoid the same plight.

How many pregnancy concerns addressed by Healthy Mama did you experience during your own pregnancies? Which existing Healthy Mama products do you most wish you had back then?

The most disruptive concern I had was constipation–I had never had that ailment before and it was quite uncomfortable. If you ever get into such a bind (pun intended), you will know that Move it Along! Constipation Relief is the safest product to take during pregnancy to alleviate your ailment effectively. Boost it Up! Protein Energy Drink contains 3g of fiber to avoid constipation too. Be Well Rounded! Prenatal Vitamin and DHA supplements have a special non-constipating iron, a mineral pregnant women need but many don’t take due to side effects. I wish I had these 3 products mentioned to safely avoid and remedy constipation with peace of mind during my pregnancy!

What was the biggest difference between your first and second pregnancy?   

We tried so hard to get pregnant the first time around. My second pregnancy was actually not planned… we had just come home from being in the hospital with my first child and recovering from a very traumatic event when we discovered we were pregnant. We were shocked and nervous but also so excited!

Do you have any advice for those of us that may be thinking about having #2?

You are a bit more knowledgeable and experienced the second time around… there are always new products available and more convenient ways to do things, but you have more control of the situation. It’s a bit more laid back. Enjoy the ride. Ensure your body is prepared to be a host for the little munchkin by maintaining a healthy weight and taking prenatal vitamins with folic acid at least 3 months prior to conception.

How do you balance being a mother-of-two and CEO/Founder of a such a fast-growing and successful brand?

Not easily quite honestly. I like to do everything at 100% and that’s just not possible. I try to prioritize and get all my work complete during work hours so that I can get home to spend time with my two beautiful girls in the evening. I am blessed to have an extremely supportive husband who takes on additional responsibility when necessary. He gets up in the morning to make them breakfast and get them dressed for school and helps them brush their teeth and put them to bed at night when I am away on a business trip or need to spend extra hours at the office. Everyone has different measures of success–I wouldn’t be successful in life if I let them grow up without me being there, even if I had the most successful business.

We love what Healthy Mama has come up with thus far. What’s next for the company?  

We have some really exciting products on the horizon! We are about to launch an amazing product to help alleviate one of the most uncomfortable symptoms, morning sickness. Nip the Nausea! organic morning sickness capsules contain organic ginger and vitamin B6 which are clinically proven ingredients to help eliminate the need to pray to the porcelain god.  It will be launching on February 1st and at select GNC stores March 22nd.