Healthy Child Healthy World: The Nonprofit Every Health-Conscious Parent Should Know

We created Nine Naturals to empower moms and moms-to-be in their consumer choices. Central to our mission is not only to create amazing beauty products that you’ll love, but also to provide you with educational tools to make it easier to create a safer environment for you and your family.

That’s why Nine Naturals is a proud supporter of the non-profit, Healthy Child Healthy World.

Healthy Child Healthy World’s vision is a world where every child has the opportunity to grow up in a healthy and safe environment. By working with manufacturers and supporting policy initiatives, Healthy Child Healthy World provides access to critical information that encourages smarter lifestyle choices that reduce chemical exposure in homes and communities. Since our own launch, Nine Naturals has partnered with Healthy Child; we support and are grateful for their tireless work to create a healthy environment for children.

Why they do it.

James and Nancy Chuda launched Health Child Healthy World in honor of their daughter Colette, who was diagnosed with a rare, non-hereditary cancer at the young age of four years old and eventually passed away from the disease. Through their research they learned that a possible cause of their daughter’s cancer was maternal exposure to chemical pesticides. Healthy Child Healthy World celebrates Colette’s memory and helps to prevent other children from suffering the effects of unnecessary chemical exposure.

How they do it.

Healthy Child focuses on three channels to execute on their mission:

Empowering Parents

Healthy Child’s website provides practical ways to reduce chemical exposure in your home. They have developed an “Easy Steps” series to guide parents in finding safe baby formula, improving indoor air quality, and using environment-healthy alternatives to dry cleaning.

The nonprofit also assembles inspiring Moms on a Mission and Parent Ambassadors, arguably just as important as Healthy Child’s science gurus in spreading awareness on chemical safety and environmental concern. Celebrity supporters like Laila Ali and Molly Sims proudly support Healthy Child’s causes as well.

Influencing Policy

For over 20 years, Healthy Child has worked to influence policy that better protects our children’s health. Healthy Child partners with manufacturers and policymakers to shed light on issues like corporate accountability, legal and regulatory reform, and greater chemical and product safety.

Promoting Solutions

Healthy Child helps to identify safer alternatives to toxic products, work with responsible companies to create and promote those alternatives and pressure industry giants to follow suit. Nine Naturals is proud to be a Shop Healthy partner of Healthy Child Healthy World. Our haircare and skincare line prioritizes chemical-free safety above all, a flagship shared with Healthy Child Healthy World.

Watch Healthy Child’s “Wake-Up Story” below and check out Healthy Child’s page today.