Happy, Healthy Halloween!

Do you love Halloween but cringe at the thought of your kids (or your growing baby-to-be) scarfing down a bunch of corn syrup, refined sugar, and other toxic junk? With a little advance planning and these easy tricks, you can treat your family to a happy, healthy holiday–without the sugar crash!

Avoid the Binge. And the blood sugar crash! If your kids come home with a pillowcase full of candy, let them choose a couple of their favorite pieces and have them trade in the rest for a prearranged treat of their choice, such as a family dinner to a restaurant of their choice, a new toy, extra TV time, and more. Don’t stash the candy away for later either. Make sure you throw them out so someone–include yourself–doesn’t find them later!

Bust Out the Baking Supplies. Bake handpicked pumpkin muffins with organic cream cheese frosting, homemade caramel apples (roll in shredded coconut for a sweet and healthy crunch), or any other healthy, seasonal treat. Getting into the Halloween spirit doesn’t mean you have to stuff yourself with garbage. It can be a fun time to fill your kitchen with delicious smells and trick your taste buds with something indulgent (but good for you, too)!

Explore Community Events. Many communities hold candy-free costume parades and parties for families during the days surrounding Halloween. Keep your eye out for haunted houses and pumpkin patches, if you and your kid think you can handle it. Consider celebrating together this way and then hanging at home handing out (non-candy) treats instead of making the rounds on Halloween night.

Look for the Teal Pumpkins. The Teal Pumpkin Project was started as a way for kids with allergies to identify houses offering non-food treats on Halloween. Even if your kid’s allergy-free, support this project at your own home by handing out kazoos, stickers, and temporary tattoos instead of Snickers bars, and steer toward homes giving away similarly non-sugary treats.

Give In To Your Sweet Tooth–or Pregnancy Cravings–Without Compromise. Must have chocolate? No problem. Brands like The Organic Candy Factory produce 100% organic candies, including gummies and chocolates. This company’s candies are also gelatin-free, gluten-free, nut-free and tree-nut free. Check your local health food store for other healthy Halloween candy choices, too.
Creating new, healthier traditions starting this Halloween can be fun and rewarding. Try out these tips to have a happier, safer holiday and of course, have fun with it!


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