Gift Ideas for Expecting Moms!

Being pregnant during the holiday season is special, and if you know someone who’s expecting, you want to help make this time of year sparkle and shine with a rocking present. But you’re savvy enough to realize that mothers-to-be are still their own individual people, so you don’t want to replace a gift for your expecting friend or family member with baby gifts. Save baby presents for the baby, and celebrate the mom-to-be during this magical time. But what can you get an expecting mother, when most gifts are directed at the baby? Here are some suggestions for how to make a mom-to-be feel loved.

A tablet is indispensable for reading on the go. Moms-to-be spend a good chunk of their time in doctor’s waiting rooms, and once the baby arrives, they’re likely to be glued to one spot during round-the-clock feedings and newborn cuddle sessions. A tablet is a fantastic present pick, so she can load it up with her favorite reads, whether it’s the latest novel or a collection of maternity books. We would be lost without our Kindle Fire for late night reading. 

A movie or TV gift certificate will be cherished when baby is here. Soon, the expectant mother will be sleeping on an entirely new schedule, if she’s sleeping at all. She’ll cherish the chance to catch a new movie or binge watch a favorite TV show through naps and late-night feedings. Or, she’ll enjoy the chance to put up her feet and catch up on entertainment before the baby comes, which will make the gift all the more welcome now. Get an Amazon gift card or a yearlong Netflix membership for the mother-to-be.  , 

New parents can never have enough picture frames. Once the baby arrives, there will be an endless supply of new family photos to display around the house. Search for two or three gorgeous picture frames that the new mother will keep and display for years. Get a few different sizes, and opt for one larger frame to showcase a truly special family shot. We love the Jonathan Adler picture frames, especially the enamel frames with soft colors - perfect for baby photos.

Jewelry is a fantastic gift that’s just for her. Go for necklaces, earrings or bracelets as a fashionable accessory for the holiday season (expectant mothers sometimes have swollen fingers, so rings aren’t always a sure bet). She can take advantage of the gift right away, unlike other fun mom-to-be gifts like new postpartum clothes or alcohol. Whatever you choose, it’ll surely have weighted meaning, as a symbol of her pregnancy. We recommend something stylish and classic, like the Jennifer Meyer heart necklace on Goop.

Indulge a mom-to-be with massage. Every pregnant woman could use a massage (whether or not she admits it!). With so much physical change and an abundance of stress, an hour to relax will be a welcome treat. Find a local place that offers prenatal and postpartum massage, and surprise her with a gift card that doesn’t expire for awhile. If she doesn’t have time during the busy holiday season, she can use it when her schedule calms down, and hopefully before baby arrives. Consider a gift card for a BlissSpa massage

Get her anything that pampers. Whether or not you opt for a massage gift for the mom-to-be, consider other presents that are soothing and rejuvenating. Put together a basket of spa goods, like moisturizers, balms, haircare and other beauty products. Check out the Nine Naturals line of safe, spa-quality products like the Citrus+Geranium Soothing Body Wash and the Repairing Body Balm for excellent, and pregnancy-safe, picks. 

Cozy, wintery mugs will come in handy during pregnancy and beyond. Whether the mom-to-be is drinking pregnancy-safe tea to calm her nerves, or she’s enjoying her first postpartum cup of coffee, a heavy mug is a thoughtful gift she’ll use daily. Stuff the mug with a box Bundle Organics Tea, which can found in the Nine Naturals Covet Shop. We adore the unique earthenware at Barneys, like The Simple Life Marbled Mug. 

Go for a gorgeous blanket that’s not for the baby. Chances are, the expectant mother is collecting adorable baby blankets as gifts from friends. Find a throw that’s adult-sized, for her, in trendy prints or bold colors so she has something to cuddle up with before baby comes. For the coziest pick, we love the Simple Things Double Face Alpaca Throw from Bloomingdale's

Comfortable, elegant sleepwear will get her through cold winter nights. Chances are, the expectant mother you know is growing out of her usual winter jammies, and might not splurge for specialized maternity nightwear. Help her sleep snugly during pregnancy by treating her to luxurious maternity pajamas, a fluffy robe, or extra-warm slippers. Check out the Pajama Sleeper Set from Hatch!

Get colored pencils and a coloring book for a creative gift. For something different, find a clever adult coloring book and pair it with a set of brand new colored pencils. It’ll be a fun, creative activity for her while she rests after a long day of growing a baby. Find a book that matches her interests, or get a simple mandala coloring book. The Magical Jungle coloring book is one that we’ve made our way through, cover to cover.