Fight Pregnancy Fatigue With 5 Energy-Boosting Foods

You’re already making smart dietary choices as you prepare for your baby (goodbye, morning cup of joe), but what if you could eat healthy foods and boost your energy to boot? Fight fatigue with these smart choices that will keep you from yawning all day long:

1) Wake Up And Smell The… Eggs. Eggs sometimes get a bad rap, but they shouldn’t. Quality protein helps give you energy, as our digestive systems break them down slowly, and eggs are packed with protein. They also have numerous vitamins and essential amino acids for an added energizing impact. While eggs are traditionally a breakfast food, they also make a good on the go snack (hard boiled eggs anyone?)

2) Steel Cut, Please. Carbs have battled their own reputational issues, but complex carbohydrates, such as those in oatmeal, provide vitamins and minerals that are converted to energy instead of being converted to fat and stored. High in protein and soluble fiber, oatmeal keeps you full and fuels both the brain and central nervous system.

3) Nuts About Nuts. The healthy fats in nuts stabilize blood sugar levels, staving off the need for a nap. Nuts also have copper, manganese and riboflavin, which serve to give you an energy jolt that lasts.

4) Super Salmon. The Omega-3 in salmon gets touted quite a bit, and with good reason. This vital fatty acid is essential for energy production, and the protein, vitamins and minerals in salmon serve to convert the food you eat into energy.

5) An Apple A Day. Not only will it keep the doctor away, an apple will also get your energy flowing. Full of fiber and complex carbs, apples take longer to digest, resulting in a longer-lasting boost. Apples also contain boron, a mineral that helps keep you alert.


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