Fatherly: A Website For Guys Who Happen To Be Dads

Nine Naturals loves moms and moms-to-be, but that doesn’t mean we’ve forgotten about all the dads out there. In celebration of the upcoming Father’s Day, we are excited to share a wonderful new website that you are going to love introducing to the dads in your life: Fatherly.

Co-founders Michael Rothman and Simon Isaacs created Fatherly when they realized that, while there was an abundance of parenting content for moms, there was no specific material geared towards expectant dads! And so Fatherly, a parenting resource geared towards guys-who-happen-to-be-dads, was born. Guy-approved topics range from evidence-based relationship insights, parenting “hacks” for making Dad’s life easier as well as more light-hearted dispatches from around the web. Fatherly is committed to making the parenting process easier, whether it’s offering a spot-on recommendation or a shameless laugh to help dads focus on spending more quality time with their kid and less time freaking out.

So, why would Dads love Fatherly? Because of entertaining, but also helpful, articles like this:

1) Wearable Tech is Coming For Your Kids: Perfect for the tech loving dad – six wearable pieces of tech to keep track, in every sense of the word, of your kids, from monitoring your baby’s breathing and sleep quality to keeping tabs on your toddler’s movement.

2) Hypnotize A Screaming Baby in Five Seconds: Find the perfect distraction to calm your screaming baby and give your ears some blissful peace. Guess what song and artist soothes this particular baby?

3) Baby Sitting + Weight Lifting = This: Newborn baby keeping Dad away from the gym? Keep in shape with tools found around the house. Replicate with caution (and, perhaps, consult with your significant other first).

4) Great Moments In Pro Sports Paternity Leave: Babies + sports = all of dad’s favorite topics in one article.

5) Get Kids To Bend To Your Will With This Simple Grammar Trick: Remember to ask them “to be or not to be” rather than “to do or not to do.”

Pass along to all the dads in your life and don’t forget to sign up for the Fatherly Newsletter!