Fall Maternity Fashion Trends

Any woman who’s been pregnant knows it can be hard to balance style and comfort as your body changes during pregnancy. Lucky for us, maternity fashion is taken just as seriously as style trends for everyone else. There’s no reason not to follow along with the latest trends, no matter how far along you are. Plus, almost everything looks cuter with a baby bump and glowing mama-to-be. Here are the fall maternity fashion trends to follow so that you, and your bump, are fully on-point.

Leggings and boots are essential this fall. This is the look that even non-pregnant women everywhere boasting when the seasons change and the weather gets chilly. Find comfortable, breathable materials for the leggings and match them with this autumn's’ killer selection of ankle, calf, and knee boots. Stick to basic colors for the leggings, but be adventurous with tops and footwear.

Pick a sweet, short dress for a night out.  This season, knee-length dresses are in style for expectant mothers, replacing floor-length, high-waisted maternity dresses. This fall’s dresses have straight cuts, A-shaped designs, and flared skirts and are gorgeously flattering, even after the baby is born. Lack of style choices aren’t an issue anymore for a night out when you’re expecting, as long as you’re up for it!

Fall florals are in style for expectant moms, too. This fall, runways everywhere are showcasing bold, beautiful florals. Maternity clothes are no exception. Shopping for florals in maternity wear can be tricky, as some patterns can end up looking dowdy or too old-fashioned. Look out for autumnal tones, trendy rosy shades of pink, large prints, and cute accessories like belts and tassels to wrap up the look.

Delicate lace brings out the maternal blush. Lacy tops, leggings, pants, and sweaters add a feminine, yet trendy, edge to any maternity outfit. Lace accents on a tunic or sweater can be matched with denim or other harder fabrics to create a warm look. You can also find lace in darker shades on evening wear to add a dramatic touch. Lace is beautiful in any color, so match according to your outfit for a polished and refined look.

Easy layering is essential for chilly expectant days. When you’re expecting, you can go from chilled to sweating in a matter of moments. It’s important to be prepared when you’re out and about, but you don’t want a pile of random sweaters adding a frumpy look to your outfit. Find a few lighter layers that mesh together, which you can add or subtract as needed.

Pick soft whites and creams in your color scheme. Light colors work well with a growing bump and can really flatter your changing body. Pair cream sweaters with dark neutral leggings and pants for a stunning contrast, or layer white underneath deeper shades for a pop of brightness.

Checks, plaids, and stripes add touches of boldness to your bump. But not all three together! Look for simple and streamlined patterns that stand out on their own against neutral colors. As you shop, find cuts that are slightly fitted to maintain shape against a growing belly. Keep accessories light, or stick to one or two complimentary pieces that let your clothing shine.