Drinking Organic: Q&A with Kwany Lui Of Bundle Organics – Organic Juices for Pregnancy

Eating healthy and focusing on nutrition during pregnancy is essential for the health and wellness of both mom-to-be and baby. Often, most busy moms-to-be struggle to consume the right amount of nutrients and vitamins on a daily basis. So you can imagine our excitement when we sat down with Khawny Lui, Co-founder of Bundle Organics, a line of organic prenatal juices that are fully pasteurized and specially designed to address the unique nutritional needs of expecting moms.

NN: Tell us about the Bundle Organics story. What was the inspiration behind Bundle Organics?

KL: I spent many years working for a large consumer packaged goods company and in particular, an organic brand of cereals, granola bars, and frozen fruit and veggies. Working on that brand completely changed my grocery and eating habits. I started purchasing organic food, joined a CSA (community supported agriculture group), drank raw, fresh-pressed juices and eventually started doing my own juicing.

Soon enough, I met my co-founder, John Mascari, who was a classmate of mine from Harvard Business School. We had a lot of friends and family members who struggled to get the right balance of nutrients in their diet during their pregnancy. Even though most women take prenatal vitamins, everyone still worries about their nutrition and whether they are getting the minerals and vitamins they need from their diet. We decided to dig a bit deeper and partnered with Dr. Errol Norwitz, Chair of Obstetrics and Gynecology at Tufts Medical Center in Boston. He became an advisor for Bundle Organics and informed us that for expecting moms, prenatal vitamins won’t necessarily meet 100% of your daily vitamin and mineral needs. In addition to providing for your own health during pregnancy, you also need to take in large amounts of extra minerals and vitamins that are required to grow a healthy baby.

And so, Bundle Organics was born! We knew there had to be a better way for prenatal moms to get the nutrients they needed without the worry. So, why not through a tasty juice designed specifically for expecting moms to take in addition to their prenatal vitamins, to get the extra ‘bump’ of nutrients they need?

NN: What was the creative process behind the juices? Did you develop the juices yourselves?

KL: We have an advisory board that includes a leading OBGYN and nutritionist, who helped us identify the key nutrients pregnant women needed. We worked with them to formulate the juices with USDA organic fruits and veggies, such as apples, kale, berries, lemon and ginger, that are particularly beneficial for expecting moms.

NN: What are some of the nutritional benefits that Moms-to-be can expect from drinking Bundle Organics juices?

KL: Our juices were made to include just the right amount of nutrients to complement those that pregnant women are already getting from a prenatal vitamin, like folic acid, while also providing those that might be more difficult to obtain, even in a well-balanced diet, such as calcium, iron, omega-3, and vitamin D. It’s a delicious way for moms-to-be to get the nutrients they need, while also safely enjoying the current juice trend! Additionally, folic acid, calcium, iron, and all the nutrients we have in our juices are good for pre- conception and breastfeeding too!

NN: What is your best advice to Moms-to-be for getting all of the necessary nutrition?

KL: Needless to say, eating a balanced diet and maintaining a healthy lifestyle is so important for expecting moms and their growing babies. And as mentioned previously, prenatal vitamins may not necessarily meet 100% of your daily vitamin and mineral needs so you should make sure that you can still get the vitamins and minerals you need from a healthy diet. For moms who are looking for ways to supplement their nutritional intake during pregnancy or while breastfeeding, I hope you’ll give Bundle Organics a try!

NN: Where can Moms-to-be find Bundle Organics products?

KL: They’re currently available for delivery directly from our website at www.bundleorganics.com or from www.amazon.com. Since the juices are pasteurized, they’re not only safe to drink during pregnancy but they’re also easy to ship and transport without refrigeration – which means you can order them without worrying about coolers or ice packs. We also offer a monthly bundled subscription that automatically delivers Bundle Organics to your door each month. You have enough to worry about during your 40 weeks and when baby arrives! Plus, all of our juices are available in convenient, grab-and-go 16 oz. bottles that are also BPA-free – so you can sip worry-free.

NN: What is your favorite flavor Bundle Organics flavor?

KL: That’s a tough one. That’s like asking someone who their favorite child is! We currently offer three delicious and nutritious flavors:

  • Dark Berry and Veggie; Kale, Apple, Lemon and Ginger; and Orange,
  • Carrot, Berry and Ginger. I am slightly obsessed with kale and ginger, so my go-to juice is usually our
  • Kale Apple Lemon Ginger. It’s not too sweet and I think the apple does a good job of covering the natural bitterness of kale.


Kwany Lui is the co-founder of Bundle Organics, a new line of organic prenatal juices that are pasteurized and specially designed to address the unique nutritional needs of expecting and new moms.  The juices are packed with organic fruits and veggies, plus an extra bump of essential vitamins like iron, calcium, vitamin D, omega 3, and folic acid to support a baby’s healthy development.