Dateline NBC Video: Andrea Canning reports on health risks of BPA, Triclosan and Phthalates

NBC Dateline: Hormone Disruptors, Part 1

On Dateline NBC, on Sunday March 24th, NBC Correspondent, Andrea Canning, embarks on a study of her everyday products to better understand her exposure to chemicals – BPA, triclosan and phthalates – also considered hormone disruptors.

Part 1 features Dr. Emily Rissman of the University of Virginia who has studied how BPA can affect the health of mice, connecting exposures to ADHD. “Research has found an association between some hormone disruptors and a range of potential problems including childhood obesity, autism and infertility.”

Environmental advocates Rick Smith and Bruce Laurie, authors of “Slow Death by Rubber Duck”, go through Andrea’s home to find BPA, triclosan and phthalates in the products she and her family uses.

Andrea tests her urine levels and finds she has BPA, triclosan and phthalates. When she avoids products that contain hormone disruptors, her levels of these chemicals drop. The next day, she changes her routine to use products that contain hormone disruptors and her levels of these chemicals increase again.

NBC Dateline: Hormone Disruptors, Part 2

In Part 2, Andrea receives the results of urine tests performed on her daughters to measure the levels of hormone disruptors in their systems. All three children have measurable levels of BPA, triclosan and phthalates in their urine.

The levels of triclosan were the most startling. Her youngest daughter, under 1 yr old, had triclosan levels almost 10x higher than the national mean and in her 2 year old daughter, triclosan levels were almost 100x higher than the national mean.

Industry vigorously defends its use of BPA and phthalates, while experts on either side of the debate on hormone disruptors agree that triclosan should be avoided.  [Read here why you should avoid BPA and phthalates from Mount Sinai Children’s Environmental Health Center]

Andrea Canning learns that she needs to read labels carefully and shop smarter to avoid unnecessary chemical exposures for her family.


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