Creating Nutritious, Organic Drinks for Pregnant Women: Meet Bundle Organics Founder John Mascari

Nine Naturals is proud to carry Bundle Organics Certified Organic Pregnancy Teas in our Nine Naturals Covet Shop! We sat down with the founder of Bundle Organics, John Mascari, to learn more about what makes their teas so special and John's vision to create nutritious, healthy products for pregnant women everywhere.

NN: What inspired you to create Bundle Organics' line of organic pregnancy teas and why partner with Harney & Sons?

JM: In 2014 we launched the first-ever line of organic juices made specifically for expecting and new moms. When it came to thinking about adding a second product line, the first thing we did was reach out to our loyal customers and ask how else Bundle Organics could help make life a little easier. A significant percentage of our customers responded that they’d love to see soothing teas as a new product line. Also, many women asked for something that is made from whole-foods and would help with common challenges like heartburn or nausea during pregnancy, or low milk supply after pregnancy.

We were big fans of Harney & Sons—a staple all over New York City and surrounding areas—so, once we got serious about creating teas, we immediately drove up to visit the company in the Hudson Valley to see if there was a possibility of working together. We were (and continue to be) so delighted that the Harney & Sons team loved the idea of supporting expecting and new moms by combining the knowledge of our OBGYN and perinatal nutritionists, the feedback from our terrific customers, and Harney’s generations of tea blending expertise.

We took the same thoughtful approach to blending the teas that we did with our juices: the ingredients are all OBGYN-approved, organic, and non-GMO (although the non-GMO label won’t appear on the tea boxes until 2017). In addition, our teas do not contain any flavors, preservatives or ingredients that mom might need to google. Our Pregnancy Wellness Tea and Nausea Relief Tea are both non-herbal since some herbs lack sufficient research and we didn’t want any questionable ingredients in our products. Our Lactation Support Tea, intended for postnatal, contains ingredients such as fenugreek and thistle that are traditionally used to help boost milk supply for nursing women.

NN: Your organic juices have been a mom-favorite for the past couple of years. What feedback and growth has Bundle Organics experienced since the launch of the teas?

JM: We had many of our loyal customers engaged in the creation of our teas from the beginning, so we’ve been fortunate to hear feedback directly from expecting and new moms throughout our journey – from pre-launch to today. While the teas are still pretty new on the market (started selling in April 2016), we’ve been so excited to hear that the teas are indeed doing exactly what we hoped they would – soothe and support perinatal women.

We’re excited to be launching in your store this month and that our teas will be in an additional 60 offline stores by the fall!

NN: What are some unexpected ways you've seen customers incorporate the teas into their routine?

JM: We launched our teas at the start of summer so a lot of moms have creatively been turning them into iced-teas!

NN: You're certainly not a mother. Our Nine Naturals dads would love to know: are the teas safe for dads? Does it help male fertility in any way?

JM: Yes – they’re totally safe and delicious for dads. While they were created specifically to address the needs of expecting and new moms and they don’t necessarily help male fertility (at least to our knowledge!), just like our juices they can be enjoyed by anyone.

NN: What has been the most fulfilling part of building the Bundle Organics community and where do you see the company in 5 years?

JM: I love events where I can sample in person. Hearing directly from a customer that she loves Bundle Organics and that our products were a helpful part of her pregnancy and nursing is so rewarding. It’s tremendously fulfilling to hear from someone that what we’ve created is helpful and that we are doing our small part to contribute to better nutrition for both mom and baby.

We’re always talking to our customers, our resident OBGYN and our nutritionist to learn how we can continue to offer expecting and new moms products that are nutritious, delicious and supportive of their needs. Over the next five years we’ll continue to create great perinatal product lines as well as add new stores and eCommerce sites to our network so that moms can buy Bundle Organics, whenever and wherever.