Celebrity Mama-to-Be featuring Halle Berry

Congratulations to Halle Berry and beau Oliver Martinez! The couple were married over the weekend. They held a quaint ceremony in a village church in France’s Burgundy region.

Already a mother to a five-year old daughter, the pregnant actress, Halle Berry, who was recently interviewed back in April by CNN, describes her pregnancy as the “biggest surprise of my life”. She noted, ““I thought I was kind of past the point where this could be a reality for me”. However, Halle Berry also noted that she “feels fantastic!”

In the interview, she went on to explain how her pregnancy made her think more about the pre-natal healthy of her baby. “Especially now, being a pregnant woman and already having a child … it’s so important what happens to the baby while they’re in utero. And the first 1,000 days is fundamental,” said Berry. She revealed her pregnancy has inspired her to act on behalf of hungry children and pregnant women who struggle with maintaining proper nutrition during pregnancy, teaming up with the Word Food Programme in the fight against hunger.

We’d like to commend Halle Berry for being an inspiration for mothers who believe that a healthy life starts in the womb.