Boost Your Fertility

From eating yams for conceiving twins to taking cough syrup to ease the passage for sperm, we have always been looking for ways to boost fertility. While those myths have long been debunked, we have five tips to actually help you turn up your baby-making mojo.  

Get It On! (All Month Long.) Focusing on your most fertile window is fine, but frequent sex is more likely to get you pregnant. For one thing, ovulation may happen earlier or later than you expect; having sex throughout the month increases your chances of conceiving whenever your body decides it’s go-time. Regular sex – i.e. waiting no more than two or three days between doing it – has also been shown to increase sperm count, keeping your partner primed and *wink * potent.

Clean Your Bodycare Routine. What you put on your body is just as important as what you put in your body; if you’re trying to conceive, it’s time to cut the chemicals and toxins out of your bodycare routine. Start fresh – and fertile – with the Nine Naturals’ toxin-free Body Wash, Body Cream, Deodorant, and Sunscreen, plus get key nutritional support to bolster fertility and promote ideal reproductive health with physician-formulated natural supplements in the PregPrep Complete Conception Kit.

Eat Real Food. Minimize processed foods and instead make healthful, whole food choices like fresh produce, full-fat dairy and quality proteins. Try to stick with organics – pesticides have been shown to negatively impact male fertility and may similarly affect ovarian function–and make sure your meat is hormone and antibiotic-free. Continuing to eat well once you conceive will help you grow a healthy baby, too, so start making wise food choices now and, well, don’t ever stop!

Hydrate. Dehydration can lead to sub-par cervical fluid, which helps the sperm find its way to an egg. Drink lots of water throughout the day, enough so that your urine is a light yellow color. Plus, keeping hydrated has other health and beauty benefits too!

Go Straight Edge (ish). If you smoke, quit. Toxins in cigarettes will damage your eggs, not to mention every other part of your body (and baby), so just kick that habit – even if it’s a social, once-in-a-while one – to the curb. You don’t have to kiss coffee or alcohol completely goodbye, but keep your intake moderate so your body can maintain its optimal baby-making biological balances.
If you’re trying to conceive sooner rather than later, try out these tips! The key is to make sure you’re healthy, making conception easier and the environment for baby better.


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