Body Odor Causes and Natural Remedies

It happens to all of us at some point: the unfortunate realization that in this moment we kind of stink. As we dug into the root causes behind body odor, we realized that it’s quite a misunderstood process. Below is some information to demystify body odor and suggestions about how to safely and effectively prevent it.

What causes body odor?

Contrary to popular belief sweat itself isn’t smelly. Body odor is actually driven by bacteria on your skin. These bacteria break down your natural oils causing odors – particularly around the armpits where most of the oils are produced. So while wetness caused by sweating might help bacteria grow, it’s not responsible for the odor. This means the solution isn’t to stop sweating, but rather to find a hygiene routine that works for your body.

Body odor is to some extent genetic – in fact, identical twins will have similar smells even when living apart – but it by no means remains constant throughout a person’s life. Diet can also be a major factor in determining smell. Ingredients like garlic, curry and caffeine, as well as the balance of meat and vegetables a person consumes, have all been linked to changes in body odor.

Body odor and pregnancy

Many pregnant women report an increase in body odor, a heightened sense of smell (which can give the impression of increased body odor), or often both. Science hasn’t come up with an explanation for this, but it‘s quite common and nothing to be ashamed of! There are some theories as to why this occurs, including changes in hormone levels, diet or body temperature, all of which are perfectly natural parts of pregnancy. If you need to change your beauty routine to accommodate new smells though, it’s important to remember to do so safely. Not all odor care products are created equal!

Antiperspirant vs Deodorant

One of the biggest sources of confusion for consumers is whether to buy antiperspirant or deodorant. Put simply, antiperspirant prevents sweating while deodorant addresses smell.

It’s often advised that pregnant women avoid antiperspirant if possible. Antiperspirants contain aluminum compounds, which haven’t been proven safe for developing babies. The cautious route is to opt for a pregnancy safe, all-natural deodorant.

Sweat is our natural method for controlling body temperature. It’s a completely normal process; by choosing the right deodorant, you can embrace sweat as well as odor protection.

A Safe and Natural Solution

A great first step to safely addressing body odor is finding a deodorant that is safe for pregnancy. This means choosing a product that is aluminum-free, phthalate-free, and paraben-free, among other things. Nine Naturals’ pregnancy safe deodorant meets these requirements; it is made with natural, organic ingredients and uses a non-nano zinc oxide formulation to prevent odor.

We specifically selected zinc oxide for its natural qualities and effectiveness in controlling the bacteria that cause odor. It’s also a great ingredient for odor protection because it’s an astringent that tightens the skin and reduces oil secretion. Non-nano zinc oxide sits on the surface of the skin and does not get absorbed into the bloodstream, which makes it both a safe and long lasting choice.