Baby Registry Solved: Expert Advice From Cricket’s Circle Founder Rachel Blumenthal

1) Tell us what inspired you to create Cricket’s Circle?

When I was pregnant with my son Griffin, I found the registry process overly complicated and frustrating.  What I wanted more than anything was one master list of what to buy.  Instead, I received endless spreadsheets and emails passed from experienced moms to new ones like me.  I was overwhelmed and couldn’t find a website (or any source) that simply and explicitly told me what I needed.  My need for a quick, stress-free registry process was ultimately what inspired me to create Cricket’s Circle.

2) It can be completely overwhelming to create a baby registry, how does Cricket’s Circle make the process easier for moms-to-be?

Cricket’s Circle is the shoppable, short-answer solution for moms that tells them what they need, what they don’t, and what’s “nice to have.”  To keep the process simple, each product category (200+) is narrowed down to the top three recommendations.  Specifically registry on Cricket’s Circle is so special because moms-to-be are walked through the buying and registry process based on their stage of pregnancy and actual needs and preferences (lifestyle, price point, health needs, etc). Relevant content and reminders are delivered to her based on what she’s added to her registry already and what she still needs.

3) During your own pregnancy, what registry item was the hardest to choose for you personally?

The breast pump and the stroller. Because I live in a city and your stroller is basically your home, car and trunk all in one, finding the right one for your specific lifestyle is essential – the UPPAbaby Vista was perfect for me. I always hoped I could nurse but I didn’t want to jinx myself and be overly prepared by researching, testing and buying a pump ahead of time. Instead, I waited until I was so physically desperate (any mom who has nursed knows what I mean) and had to let my husband go and pick out the pump for me. Fortunately he nailed it and loved my pump (Medela Freestyle Pump) more than anything.  And last but not least – not the hardest to choose, but definitely life changing: a hands-free pumping bra.  For someone like me who is always on the go, this made a world of difference!

4) As experts that have the #babyregistrysolved, we would love to share your top 3 recommendations for the following registry items:


  1. UPPAbaby Vista 2015 + Bassinet
  2. Baby Jogger City Mini 2014
  3. Baby Jogger Vue Stroller

Crib Mattress

  1. Lullaby Earth Super Lightweight 2-Stage
  2. Naturepedic Lightweight Organic Cotton Classic 2-Stage

Baby Monitor

  1. Dropcam’s Pro Home Security System
  2. Summer Infant’s Baby Touch Boost Digital Color Video Monitor
  3. Motorola’s MBP36 3.5″ Color Video monitor


  1. Oeuf’s Classic Crib
  2.  Babyletto’s Lolly Crib
  3. DwellStudio’s Mid-Century Crib


  1. Chicco’s KeyFit 30
  2. Nuna’s Pipa
  3. Cybex’s Aton 2

5) Last, but not least – What is your favorite Nine Naturals product?

Considering I’m pregnant right now, I can’t live without the Natural Belly Oil. I’m uber sensitive to scented products so I appreciate the minimal scent more than ever. I also love that if you don’t go overboard with the application, it actually has a dry finish on your skin so it doesn’t feel all slippery and sticky – now that’s a smart product!


Rachel Blumenthal, Founder and CEO, created Cricket’s Circle to solve the what-to-buy conundrum she encountered during her first pregnancy. Rachel began her career in the publicity department of Yves Saint Laurent, developing her aesthetic sensibility and passion for curation. Following YSL, Rachel’s first entrepreneurial venture was as designer and founder of the fashion jewelry brand Rachel Leigh, which after a few short years was available worldwide in over 300 high-end retailers and named one of Oprah’s “Favorite Things.” The brand was licensed to GlamHouse in 2011.

Rachel then lent her hand to Warby Parker, which was cofounded by her husband Neil. When the eyewear retailer – and their son, Griffin – were up and running, she got to work on Cricket’s Circle. A Tufts University graduate, Rachel is a proud and active supporter of Baby Buggy, HELP USA and Healthy Child, Healthy World. Originally from Cape Cod, Rachel now resides in Manhattan with her family.