A Routine to Combat Stretch Marks During Pregnancy

During pregnancy, your skin stretches — and stretches — to accommodate your growing bundle of joy. And just as you take extra care to nourish yourself and your baby from the inside out with healthy foods and lots of water, it’s important to nourish your skin from the outside in, as well. After all, as your body’s largest organ (and its primary barrier against outside pathogens), your skin has a big job to do while you, you know, grow a whole new person. Following the perfect skin care routine will reward you with hydrated, healthy skin that stretches more willingly, and forgivingly — fewer stretch marks! Holla! — throughout your nine-month sprint to mamahood.

Go Natural

First and foremost, you’ll want to prioritize using all natural, toxin-free products during your pregnancy; your skin is highly absorbent, and ingredients found in many personal care products, like sulfates, parabens, pthalates and synthetic fragrances — yuck! — can be harmful to your health (not to mention that of your baby). Nine Naturals products are plant-derived and never contain any hidden nasties.

A Two-Step Process: Hydrate and Heal

So what does perfect pregnancy skin care involve? Hydration and healing. Besides keeping your water bottle handy at all times, you’ll want to hydrate your skin twice daily with all-natural moisturizers that will help repair stretched skin — giving extra love to those parts of you that are (or are about to) be put to the stretch test, usually the belly, hips, breasts and thighs. Body oils deliver the oils your skin needs to stay healthy more directly than water-based creams do; they also seal moisture into delicate skin. Our Natural Belly Oil is luxurious and deeply healing; tamanu oil, which is rich in fatty acids and revered as a safe, natural remedy for a host of skin conditions, including dry skin, stretch marks and scars, heals stressed skin while hydrating jojoba seed and coconut oils replenish much-needed moisture. Massaged generously into wet skin immediately after bathing, this nutrient-dense belly oil will dry to the touch within seconds, but continue working hard all day to improve your skin’s elasticity and keep your belly looking and feeling fantastic.

Pair Oil with Creams for Maximum Benefit

Nine Naturals’ Regenerative Belly Butter, one of our most popular products, pairs perfectly with our belly oil as the other half of your healing pregnancy skin care routine. It battles stretch-marks and discomfort with moisture-rich, natural and organic ingredients. Cupuaçu butter triple-tasks as a moisturizing, free-radical fighting, and skin-protecting powerhouse, thanks to its naturally high levels of phytosterols, polyphenols and fatty acids. Vitamin E, allantoin and evening primrose oil nourish the skin and help to maintain its natural moisture balance while you sleep.

Love Your Skin, Love Your Pregnancy

Skin care is an integral part of self-care during pregnancy, and the benefits of a gentle belly (or, hey, full body!) massage with Nine Naturals’ Belly Oil and Regenerative Belly Butter twice daily will extend beyond supple skin, helping you to feel grounded, balanced and beautiful as you grow into your new role as a mom. Bonus: continuing with your pregnancy skin care routine post-partum will help your skin bounce healthily back, too. So show your skin some love, and enjoy your pregnancy, mama!


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