A Major Step Towards Ridding Children’s Products of Harmful Toxins

Nine Naturals is based in New York. And oh how we do love New York City. This week, we were particularly proud of our state when Senator Chuck Schumer announced that he is introducing a bill to ban flame retardants from children’s products.

The announcement follows new research released by the EWG and Duke University that found evidence of exposure to TDCPP (also known as TDCIPP), a known carcinogen, in the bodies of all 22 mothers and 26 children tested.

And this study is only the tip of the iceberg.

Nine Naturals has been following research on this for years. Well-intended but poorly designed California legislation to minimize the flammability of furniture – particularly children’s mattresses – has led to widespread use of flame retardant chemicals in homes. Last year, the Chicago Tribune exposed the widespread presence of the flame retardant TDCIPP in children’s crib mattresses.

TDCIPP is part of the chlorinated tris family which were found to be carcinogenic endocrine disruptors in the 1970’s (even before many of us moms were born). TDCIPP has been banned from children’s clothing for most of our lifetimes, but it still appears in household furniture and children’s cribs.

One of Nine Naturals’ raisons d’etre is to minimize children’s exposure to toxins in the womb. On a pound-for-pound basis, fetuses face high vulnerability to the risks of environmental toxins. From the moment your baby is born, their exposure to environmental toxins only rises.

We are thrilled with this week’s news. So cheers from all of us at Nine Naturals to this non-trivial step towards making homes safer for our babies.