9 Awesome Nursery Trends in 2018

Designs and decors for your babe (and you) that are sophisticated and fun!

Article & Photos courtesy of Well Rounded NY

Are you on your Pinterest boards, hunting for the latest nursery trends, more than you are on your Google calendar? Whether you are expecting or are simply looking for an update, baby’s universe is full of surprising trends that gives a nod to our grown-up aesthetics this year, and we love it!

From marble and concrete details to black accents reigning over baby’s world, celebrity nursery Designer Vanessa Antonelli gives us the lowdown on the trends that are likely to permeate your your little one’s space. Here are the 9 nursery trends that she predicted for 2018.

1. Marble… not in the kitchen. We’ve seen marble rise to the tippy top of trends in kitchens and baths over the last five years. Well, now it’s heading to the nursery. If the material wasn’t so heavy and hard, I’m sure it would make its way to the cribs and dressers, but that’s simply not realistic. Parents-to-be are loving the serene and stylish look that marble offers, so it has made its way onto...