5 Lactation-Friendly Popsicles For Summer

Article & Photos courtesy of Well Rounded NY

Boost your milk supply with these drool-worthy popsicles!

I’ve been dying to take a swing at making homemade popsicles this summer, which naturally prompted me on Pinterest for delicious and photo-worthy ideas — cause if you can’t share your hard work, what’s the point, right? It didn’t take long to find some incredible recipes that are not only tasty and refreshing, but also breastfeeding friendly. That’s right, each recipe that caught my eye has at least one ingredient that is known to increase lactation. Here are 5 of my favorites. Enjoy!

1. Carrot, orange, ginger & turmeric pops. Carrot, orange and ginger are all known to bump up milk production.

Carrot, orange, ginger & turmeric popsicle

2. Homemade fudge pops. Both almonds and hazelnut are rich in calcium, which helps maintain strong bone and teeth health.

Homemade fudge popsicle

3. Berry lemonade pops. Adding berries to your pops is a good way to get the 2 to 3 servings of fruits that you, breastfeeding mamas, need.

Berry lemonade popsicle

4.  Chocolate dipped almond milk pops. Almonds are considered some of the best nuts to rev up milk production.

Chocolate dipped almond milk popsicle

5. Sweet tea & peach pops. Peaches are a great source of vitamin C and vitamin A, which are essential to nursing moms. If you little one is sensitive to caffeine, you can swap out the sweet tea for a decaf green tea.  

Sweet tea & peach popsicle

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