21Bundles: Natural Products At Your Door + 25% Your First Bundle!

As a new mom or mom-to-be, it can be real challenge knowing what products work the best and are safe for you and your baby. Enter 21Bundles, a monthly subscription box service that all delivers a bundle filled with full size all natural products to your door, tailored to your specific month of pregnancy or new baby’s life. We can’t imagine an easier way for moms to try new products that are safe for the whole family, but also pamper themselves with a box  full of goodies each month! This week, Nine Naturals sat down with Jacqueline Cerone Cardamone, founder of 21Bundles:

NN: Tell us the 21bundles story! What lead to the creation of the Company & what are the 21bundles?

JK: I have been caring for children since I was a child myself. My sister Emily said something in reference to herself once that really resonated with me: “You know how some people just cannot walk past a dog without wanting to pet it? I feel that way about babies.” I, too, cannot walk past a baby without “oo”ing and “ah”ing (if petting wouldn’t alarm mothers, I would surely do just that). It was through work as a mother’s helper (age 10), babysitter, nanny, CLEC, and postpartum doula that my respect for mothers deepened.

I love dads too, but it’s the mamas with whom I work closely. I watch mothers do the toughest and most important job – raising children, and I have always had a desire to lend two helping hands. More recently, mothers that I work with as a postpartum doula were asking me to recommend natural products, and the endless amount of research I have done on the topic started to come in handy. As interest from my clients increased and I read more about the toxins that litter our every day products, I realized I needed to do something to make a difference at scale, which is what led to the birth of 21Bundles.

NN: In your own words, why are natural products so important for the health of pregnant women & babies?

Less than 20 percent of all childhood cancers are due to genetic predisposition, while a high percentage of them are linked to environmental exposures. It’s not only the exposures children have post-birth, but maternal exposure also plays a large role. It was once believed that the placenta protected baby from any harmful chemicals, however we’ve known for a long time now that many dangerous chemicals are transplacental.

Unfortunately, chemicals are highly under-regulated in the United States. New ones are put on store shelves each year, and they do not have to be proven safe before they are made available to the public. Many people make the argument that the potentially toxic ingredient in any one product is too small to make a difference but they fail to mention that women use, on average, 12 products per day. Additionally, developing babies are at their most vulnerable and are more likely to be impacted by small amounts of chemicals than adults. There have been countless studies that show the negative impacts chemicals and toxins in many products can cause, thus why I believe it is of utmost importance that pregnant mamas and babies use safe, natural products.

NN: Tell us how each bundle works and what subscribers can expect in each box?

Generally, during pregnancy months, our bundles are all about replacing every day products that often contain toxins with natural alternatives. One month might be all about replacing your shower items, another is all about replacing bathroom items and another is replacing makeup. Even if mamas are already using natural products, this is a good way to be introduced to a new brand or product that perhaps they haven’t heard of. We also add time sensitive items to help with nausea, heartburn, the itch of stretching skin, etc. We typically include 3-5 full size products, coupons, and a mix of travel size and sample products in each bundle. The retail value of each bundle is always over $40 and sometimes significantly over that. Free shipping too!

NN: As expert curators in all things natural and family, tell us what a typical bundle would include for a women in her second or third trimester? 

We send monthly bundles tailored to a mother’s stage of pregnancy or the first year of their baby’s life. As mentioned above, the pregnancy months are primarily all about replacing everyday products that often contain toxins with natural alternatives and to introduce mamas to awesome, respectable brands and products. Below are a couple example bundles:

Month 4 of pregnancy: Lotions and oils to soothe dry, itchy skin

  • Foot Cream
  • Facial Moisturizer
  • Eye Cream
  • Heartburn Tea
  • Toning Oil
  • Belly Balm

Month 9 of pregnancy: Products to prep for the baby

  • Birth and Baby Oil
  • Post Partum Bath Herbs
  • Mama Bottom Spray
  • Dish soap
  • Diaper Cream
  • Rhoid Balm
  • Nipple Butter

NN: What advice would you give to women that find it overwhelming to switch to natural products?

When you first start to look into the chemicals that are in everyday products and that are so prevalent in our environments, you may feel overwhelmed and hopeless. I’ve heard “Why bother?” too often for my liking. I get it, but I’d like to urge and beg of anyone feeling that way to not become desensitized. We are in the midst of very exciting times and lots of change in regards to the way chemicals are regulated in the United States. Reputable, responsible brands like Nine Naturals are making it easier for mamas to make healthy choices. We are delighted to include Nine Naturals products in our bundles!

NN: What is your favorite Nine Naturals Product?

It’s hard to choose just one, but I’m going to go with the Citrus and Mint Nourishing Conditioner. It’s lightweight, which is great for use everyday. And it definitely helps to smooth and add shine. Also important to mention- it smells great and the citrus and mint scent helps to relieve nausea so we know our mamas will love using the samples they receive in their bundles!

Use the promo code NINENATURALS to receive 25% off your first month-to-month bundle- a little gift from the 21Bundles Family to you, in celebration of this beautiful line of personal-care products.

Jacqueline Cerone Cardamone wears many hats, including but not limited to caregiver, yoga teacher, CLEC, postpartum doula, aspiring Doctor of Naturopathy, and a founder of 21Bundles, Inc. She lives in San Francisco with her husband Michael, who alongside a childhood friend, JD, is also a co-founder of 21Bundles. 21Bundles delivers monthly bundles of natural products to pregnant and new moms, tailored to their stage of pregnancy or their baby’s age. 9 months of pregnancy + the first 12 months of baby’s life = 21Bundles. Order at any time in that time frame and 21Bundles will tailor a bundle for you!