2013 Holiday Gift Guide – Great Last Minute Gift Ideas!

Nothing creates holiday stress like waiting until the very last minute to do your shopping. But concerns with family and work can definitely make it difficult to carve out gift-hunting time. Luckily, our list of excellent last-minute options will help you find (or make) a great gift in no time flat.

  • A monthly wine club subscription. This makes for the ideal gift for those on your list who aren’t expecting, of course. It takes just minutes to order a membership online, then quickly grab a card from the thrift store, writing a note to the giftee on what they can expect for the next few months. The authentic French wines of the FIAF monthly Wine Club are très bien.
  • A coupon favor book. In a time crunch, cobble together a cute book of coupon favors, one of the more appreciated homemade Christmas presents. All it requires is a printer, some scissors, and a couple template. (Check out this one from Frugal Mama.) Consider including rewards that relieve holiday stress, such as completing your loved one’s errands for the day, or giving her a foot massage.
  • A do-it-yourself decoupage bowl. Among homemade Christmas presents that are quick and easy, this bowl stands out nicely. Just purchase a chic bowl from a decor store, and cover it with tasteful decoupage made from any paper you have handy. Care2’s instructions here are helpful. Note that if painted, this bowl is not suitable for eating or drinking.
  • Brownies in a jar. Have time to run to the supermarket? Grab brown sugar, flour, cocoa powder, walnuts (or your giftee’s favorite nuts), and a bag of chocolate chunks. Pour them tastefully into a mason jar. Add a bow and handwritten card to complete this simplest of homemade Christmas presents. Don’t forget the baking instructions, which you can find here.
  • Grace: A Memoir. This enormously popular page-turner ranks high among last minute gift ideas for chic bookworms. Grace Coddington, creative director at Vogue Magazine, details her whirlwind career as a model, a rocky personal life, and — juiciest of all — her relationship with Anna Wintour. Or for the tech savvy giftee in your life, get a amazon gift card so that they can buy their favorite e-books and get them instantly!
  • Same day delivery gourmet gift baskets. These serve as superb last minute gift ideas, especially when opportunities to shop are running out and holiday stress is high. Cookies by Design creates delicious cookie bouquets, including a tasty gluten-free line, for shoppers across the country. Chelsea Market Baskets in New York City ships great gifts same-day both locally in Gotham and throughout the U.S., while Shari’s Berries provides the Los Angeles area specifically with deluxe fruit-filled baskets.
  • DIY Beauty. DIY beauty products, like a homemade scrub or a facial mask, that add a touch of luxury and relaxation to the holidays are always appreciated! Check out our Pinterest Board for some great DIY beauty ideas!
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