• Working Moms: General Public Goods

    Instagram is a place for inspiration and information, as well as camaraderie and community. Many a thumb-swipe have yielded a great friendship or business partner, two people that may not have ever found each other otherwise if not for a follow and a like. Such is the case with Alexis Sassard and Randee Shields, co-founders of one of our favorite new lines of new mama must-haves, General Public Goods.

    These two Texas mamas have reinvigorated the postpartum wardrobe, with simple, classic hand-made pieces. Like the perfect V-neck top. A cardigan you’ll reach for on the daily. And a ring sling that’s comfortable and chic from your baby’s infancy through toddlerhood, with genius details like a pocket on the tail.

    Now that both are expecting their second babies, they’re bound to have even more insight into the postpartum market.

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  • Things We've Read: Week of Sep. 19th, 2016

    Oh Joy!'s Fall 2016 Home Collection For Target Is Stunning (Refinery29): The perfect quirky home decorations for fall

    The American Zika Outbreak (The Atlantic): "The virus’s prevalence in Puerto Rico threatens disaster if Congress cannot pursue long-term action."

    Household Dust Is Laced With Toxic Chemicals, Study Finds (CBS News): The hidden dangers of chemicals in your household dust

    This Baby's Enormous Costco Teddy Bear From Her Grandpa Is Hilarious (Refinery29): Grandfather of the year and best teddy bear present ever.

    Kelp Is The New Kale (The Atlantic): The growing popularity for kelp

    12 Million People Watched This Perfect Father-Daughter Morning Mantra (Huff Post): The morning motivation we all need

    Want A Zika Test? It's Not Easy (NY Times): The CDC has issued strict guidelines about who should be tested. 

    To The Mom Who Feels Like She Is Failing (Huff Post): "You are enough, fellow mama. And, tomorrow is a new day. You can do this. We can do this, together."

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  • Zika-Free Babymoon Destinations

    Your baby is on the way, but before he arrives, you and your partner are planning a celebratory babymoon to a dazzling tropical locale. Until recently, your list of vacation spots was long and full of nearby destinations. But with the appearance and spread of the Zika virus, those travel plans need to be reconsidered - many warm-weather travel spots have reported cases of Zika. That doesn’t mean you need to stay home to wait for the new arrival. There are plenty of gorgeously sunny and peaceful destinations for you to jet off to, pre-baby.

    What’s the Zika virus, and what does it mean for me? Zika is a virus that is spread primarily through mosquito bites. For most people, an infection of the Zika virus results in minor symptoms which pass within a week. But for pregnant woman, Zika is not to be taken lightly. An infection during pregnancy can lead to severe brain defects in the baby, including the condition called microcephaly. The Center for Disease Control strongly recommends that women who are pregnant do not travel to any area with Zika. It’s recently been discovered that Zika can be sexually transmitted, so the same travel rules apply for sexual partners, as well. The CDC also recommends you check their website before making final plans, for the most up-to-date info. So where can you travel with peace of mind?

    Croatia is a Mediterranean gem. Not only does Croatia boast stunning beaches and glittering sapphire sea, it’s also home to breathtaking national reserves. Plitvice Lakes National Parks is one must-see for a walk amongst woods and waterfalls. If the beach is your primary destination though, there are plenty of shores to choose from. The scenery here will be more than enough to cultivate your inner-calm before baby arrives. 

    Experience Chile’s varied landscape. There’s a diverse range of experiences to be had in Chile, ranging from urban excitement to natural tranquility. Santiago, the capital, is strikingly nestled between the Andes and the Chilean Coast Range mountains, and has a bustling metropolitan vibe. Another destination is Valparaiso, a colorful, architecturally striking seaside town with an artistic history. For the truly memorable babymoon, take an adventure to Easter Island, one of the most isolated islands in the world. Enjoy the quiet before baby arrives!

    Portugal is full of romance. With golden beaches, vibrant nightlife, and distinctively enticing food, Portugal has a lot to offer. Here, you can be as busy or as relaxed as you’d like. Get your fill of culture by exploring music spots, art galleries, medieval castles, cathedrals, and much more. The quintessential sandy beaches and turquoise water can’t be missed. Praia Grande, Praia da Dona Ana, and Praia dos Pescadores are three of the most popular beaches in the country.

    For an offbeat babymoon, travel to Vancouver Island. With some of the world’s most breathtaking beaches, Vancouver Island in western Canada is perfect for a peaceful, out-of-the-way getaway. While here, go for a whale watching tour or an afternoon of sailing. Be sure to stop by the world-class farmer’s markets for fresh, seasonal delights to satiate your pregnancy cravings. The pebble beaches here aren’t for sunbathing, but are spectacular to walk while searching for the perfect rock to take home as a memento.

    Montreal has a worlds-away ambiance. Montreal isn’t far, but once you arrive, you’ll feel like you traveled halfway around the world - an ideal choice if you want to stay close to home as your due date nears. The food here is fantastic, and you might as well eat those decadent pastries while you can justify eating for two! And the cultural experience in Montreal is stellar, including unique festivals, dance, theater, opera, and so much more.

    Leave your passport at home and travel to Maui. Maui, the second-largest Hawaiian Island is a sun-kissed treasure, not too far from home. Swim in the clear, warm ocean and then satisfy your pregnancy cravings at the evening luaus or fine restaurants dotting the island. The beaches here are world-class, and when you need an alternative adventure, Maui has many. Drive to the summit of Haleakalā to watch the sunrise or take a trip on the breathtaking road to Hana.

    Eat and explore the ruins of Cyprus. Cyprus sits in the eastern Mediterranean Sea and boasts fascinating ruins and archeological sites full of relics, mosaics, tombs, and more. Soak up the rich history while also enjoying the legendary cuisine. The island’s culinary scene is well-cherished, with food heavily influenced by Greek, Middle Eastern, and Turkish flavors. If you’re still hoping for gorgeous walks on the beach, Cyprus will deliver those, too.

    Jet to San Diego for an urban babymoon. It’s warm, luminous weather is perfectly Southern California. Being local, it’s a good low-stress choice for a sunny, soothing destination. Aside from beach strolls and long afternoons of sunbathing, there’s plenty to keep you busy.  Explore art galleries, museums, gardens, and other well-known attractions, like sprawling Balboa Park and whimsical Seaport Village.

    Keep busy in London. Close enough for a short trip, but far away for it to be special, check out London before the baby arrives. With countless attractions and points of interest, London is great for an action-packed babymoon with plenty of excitement. The must-see landmarks include Westminster Abbey, Buckingham Palace, Big Ben, and the National Gallery. Of course, there’s no shortage of spas and romantic restaurants to patronize when you need a rest from all the sightseeing.

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  • Are Probiotics Good for Baby?

    While shopping for baby’s meals and snacks, you’ve probably noticed that probiotics have infiltrated baby’s food aisle. Thought of as the good bacteria in our body, probiotics can confer health benefits. For our little ones specifically, they can do as much as reducing colic and eczema, but can they actually make our babies healthier? That’s the million-dollar question that research is still trying to get at.

    Different strains of probiotics serve different purposes. Doctors, for example, often suggest that the two most commonly known groups — Lactobacillus and Bifidobacterium — promote digestive health. Though we need more research to confirm this claim, these probiotics are believed to help move foods through your gut, ultimately assisting digestion and bringing relief to people who suffer from diarrhea, lactose intolerance and irritable bowel syndrome. We still know very little as to how probiotics work and what kind of health problems each strain can address. There’s also very little scientific evidence that they benefit anything other than the digestive system. So what do we know so far? Here’s the lowdown on probiotics and how they can benefit your baby’s health.

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  • Things We've Read: Week of Sep. 12th, 2016

    America's Shocking Maternal Deaths (NY Times): Why does the U.S. as a whole have the second-highest maternal mortality rate among the members of OECD?

    23 Incredibly Helpful Charts For New Parents (Buzzfeed): To help you understand the little person in your home a whole lot better

    Most Parents Give The Wrong Dose Of Liquid Medication (NY Times): The difference between using a measuring cup and an oral syringe

    This Mom Multitasking At Work Is The Internet's New Hero (Huff Post): “This is what happens when you are 35 weeks pregnant, husband leaves town for the weekend, childcare for 3yo falls through, and you have a game to cover!”

    How The Sugar Industry Shifted Blame To Fat (NY Times): The food industry has provided funds to influence the development of nutrition science research.

    When You Look Pregnant, But You're Not (NY Times): "There is a connection between the unsolicited advice given to pregnant (or potentially pregnant) women, and the way society views women who are not the ideal Size 6."

    Kindergarten, Naturally (The Atlantic): " What would it look like to bring the forest kindergarten concept to a public-school setting in America?"

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  • Baby Fashion (0-6mos.) Fall Edition

    Leaves are falling, the air is crisp, and pumpkin spice is everywhere. Fall is here, and it’s the very first one for your new baby! You’ve probably already begun collecting cold-weather coats, hats, and snuggly blankets for the change of season. Once you’ve covered the bases, it’s time to get fun with your baby’s clothing. Why not make your baby’s first autumn extra-special by dressing her in the season’s latest fashion? Trips to the apple orchard and pumpkin patch are even better when you and your baby are enjoying autumn in style. Girl or boy, there are a collection of trends to follow this fall. Make sure your baby’s clothes are thoroughly on-point!  

    Ruffle your baby up. The most stylish infant clothes are adorned with frilly ruffles this autumn. Dainty dresses are always adorable on a brand-new baby girl, but don’t stop at a ruffled dress. Look for delicate decorative ruffles on sleeves, collars, and down pants legs. Jackets and sweaters with ruffles are perfect for keeping baby cozy as the temperature drops, while keeping her up on the current trends. Bonus points for snatching up a ruffled receiving blanket for chilly evening stroller rides.

    ruffle it up

     Look for lace all over the place. Lacy accents are normally found on special-occasion-only baby clothing. This fall, seek out lace on everyday wear, like bodysuits, leggings, sweaters, and baby accessories. Decorative lace overlays are lovely for autumn, but so are lace trimmings on hemlines and delicate lace headbands. When you shop for lacy babywear, run the fabric over the back of your hand to be certain that it won’t be too itchy or irritating against you little one’s sensitive skin.

    lace accents are in

    Dress for the great outdoors - even if you’d rather stay inside. Wild woodland themes are all over baby clothes this fall, matched with wonderfully rich earthen tones. It doesn’t matter if you’ve never been camping in your life, you can still dress your baby in this season’s mountain and forest motifs. Woodland critters like foxes, owls, fawns, and bears pop up in beautiful patterns, as well as designs evocative of late-night s’more roasting and hikes in autumnal woods. You know your baby is a little animal, so embrace that with the fall’s wilderness trend.

    dress for the great outdoors...even when staying in

    Red, orange, and yellow are autumnal staples, but don’t forget pink. Soft, dusty pink is everywhere this fall. The dusky hue matches well with the darker palette that shorter autumnal days invite. Find unexpected ways to dress your baby in this hot fall shade, like rosy booties to keep tiny toes warm or a pink bodysuit layered under a cardigan. When you’re out with infants, it’s crucial to keep a back-up outfit in the diaper bag (in case of spit-up, diaper issues, or food stains, just to name a few possible issues), so be sure to get an extra dusty pink shirt or two to carry with you if the first outfit fails.

    dusty pink is an autumnal staple color

    Pick bold patterns for your fierce little one. Fearless floral patterns are especially popular this autumn, but also find checks and plaids for your fashionable infant. Infant clothing usually tends toward gentle motifs and light colors, so choosing a piece with strong designs will make a major statement. Pair checked shirts with solid bottoms, or oversized polka dots with a simple onesie. These patterns are particularly well-suited to your little girl’s first tiny swing dress, when it’s time to get fancy, or a baby boy’s first dapper party shirt.

    pick bold print for your fierce little one

    Remember to bring layers to keep your baby cozy. When it comes to following fall baby trends, outerwear isn’t an exception. Faux-fur is popping up everywhere this autumn. Furry coats and vests will give your tiny trendsetter a polished look, especially in luxuriant cream or off-white shades. The details on these pieces really stand out, so pay attention for the cutest buttons, clasps, and toggles to complete the look. Faux-fur lined bunting and one-pieces are also perfect for the coldest autumn days, out and about.

    keep baby cozy in layers

    Baby clothing safety is always in style. As you piece together your infant’s perfect fall wardrobe, remember that it’s important to keep an eye out for possible safety risks. Remove drawstrings from baby’s clothing, as the strings can catch on cribs, seats, swings and other furniture. Also, be aware of tiny, detachable adornments on clothing items, like rhinestones, jewels, buttons, and other decorative pieces. These can fall off and become a choking hazard, so check the clothing to make sure that pieces are still attached.

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